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Zygmunt Andrychewicz (1861-1943)

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Odd Nerdrum

Odd Nerdrum, Running Bride
Odd Nerdrum, 2011
"Finally I recommended that he have some business cards made that read, “I AM AXELITO, THE THIEF CHILD. I COULD HAVE STOLEN THIS, BUT I DECIDED NOT TO. THANK ME AND BLESS ME.”"

Alejandro Jodorowsky cures his son Cristóbal’s kleptomania

(Dance of Reality, 2001)


This must be where the new album art came from, more of Bianca’s art from “Daisy Chain,” I love it.

Felipe Fernandes

"You can be terrified and screaming and hiding your eyes, but you’re laughing, the worse it is, because it’s just so over the top and cathartic to confront these things that are really disturbing. It’s okay because they’re fakes. It’s all set up. It’s functioning like a fairytale."
-Cindy Sherman
            Untitled #153 is a work that comes from the period of works called Fairy Tales. Fairy Tales is Cindy Sherman’s take on Surrealism and the exploration of the eccentric, macabre, and bizarre. Perhaps the title Fairy Tales is in referenced to the uncensored Brothers Grimm tales such as Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Unlike the Disney adaptions, these fairy tales are dark and twisted and not at all “family friendly”. Like these Brother Grimm fairy tales, Sherman’s Fairy Tales do not censor grotesque, disturbing, or disgusting details. In addition, there are no traces of realism in the works. Cindy is absent in this work in favor of using mannequins on an artificial background. Like a fairy tale none of this work is “real”.  Untitled #153 fits in well with the series by portraying what appears to be the dead corpse of a woman sad and forgotten; her glazed over eyes staring into the distance behind the viewer.  

A rare promotional still of Boris Karloff in FRANKENSTEIN, 1931.